A lot of people probably weren't aware that in addition to being one of the best, most influential rappers in hip-hop, Scarface is also a guitarist.

The Houston rapper stopped by Noisey's Guitar Moves and jammed with Matt Sweeney at Gibson Guitar Studios, discussing his early influences including Suicidal Tendencies, Dead Kennedys and KISS, who he loves.

"My marriage to music came from KISS," Face says, admitting that he he was "hurt" when KISS took their masks off and he realized they were actually human beings.

Face, who grew up playing guitar, also shared how his musician uncles taught him to play because all they did was "sit around, smoke weed" and jam everyday. Johnny Nash, of "I Can See Clearly Now" fame is his cousin, and hanging around his grandma's house with his uncles, Face also began playing the guitar.

"I think it's going to be a revelation for some people to find out how attached you are to the guitar," Sweeney admits, as Face chuckles.

The rapper added that many of his records actually started with him playing the guitar and forming a melody from there, including Geto Boys' "Geto Boys and Girls" from the classic 1996 album Resurrection, which he produced with Mike Dean. He says he uses his signature voice like an instrument, something he learned from playing guitar. When asked if he knows any other rappers who play, Face said he thinks Flava Flav can "play the f---out" the bass guitar. Who knew?

Of course, if you've been lucky enough to catch Face live over the years, there's a chance you already knew that he was a great guitar player. He's a lefty too, and thus learned to play the guitar upside down as a result.

Check out Scarface sharing his love for the guitar in the video above.