With the release of behind-the-scenes photos showing some of RiRi's assets, the buzz around the long-awaited 'Pour It Up' video is heating up. And now, a new video has hit the interweb that gives us more of an idea of the moves Rihanna will pull on the pole.

Dripping in pearls and jewels, a Hollywood glammed-up Rihanna is seen twerking on water, lounging sexily on a throne and showing off her skills on the pole.

"You know what we're doing?" she tells the camera in a chalk-white curly wig. "We are on set of 'Pour It the F--- Up.' ... I get to shoot and be shot at the same time. So right now we're going to shoot some girls who are going to do some pole work."

One of those girls is Nicole "The Pole" Williams, a professional pole dancer whose audition video from May hit the web a few days ago. From holding herself upside down at the top with just one leg to doing a variety of splits, this girl's clearly got skills, which makes sense as to why she was enlisted for the visual. Also featured in the behind-the-scenes video is Candace Cane and Secret Moneii. The singer says of the latter: "Her ass has its own life."

While it's clear the song exudes stripping and the club, choreographer Othan "Otheezy" Burnside said it best in her explanation of the video's premise. "You're going to see a lot of artistic things happening," she states. "I know when you listen to the song you instantly think stripper, which it is. But I think it's very artistic in the way they're gonna shoot it. It's going to be very sexy in a way that I don't think has ever been done before, and that's why I think this video is very, very special."

Very sexy indeed. While we wait for the actual visual to drop, the behind-the-scenes clip above will do for now.