Okay, your a television star and your young, rich and beautiful.  What do you give the girl who has everything?   How about a punch in the face.  "You sick, crazing idiot!"  Thats how the fight started on the Real Housewives Of Atlanta last season.  Young beauty Porsha Williams jumped the couch and punched older beauty Kenya Moore in the face. The fight ended with Posha dragging Kenya across the stage by her hair, and doing it  caveman style.  The reality world went wild, and news of their eminent firings lit up the social world.

Fast Forward to the new season and nobody got fired, and by nobody I mean nobody.  A near 50 year old women gets beaten up and thrown on the ground and dragged by her hair on national television, and nobody got fired.  In fact, the word is that the cast got raises, and other celebrity perks.  On a show that is all style and no substance I believe I know the reason why the kept their jobs.  Jail is soo last year!