The pied piper of  R & B  was about to quit the music business in 1998. Despite being a mega star with sales of more then 38 million albums in the  U.S. and 54 million abroad,making him the most successful R&B musician of the  1990s, R.Kelly says he was so depressed in 1998 after listening to people around him,he almost gave up music altogether. " I was dealing with serious management problems...I was at that position in that part of my career where I was being threatened to be left by my team" . "I was told if I didn't do what I was told  to do that i would never sing again...or that I would be blackballed from the music industry,I was actually believing some of that stuff " What changed his mind? " I really got inspired by the film  The Hurricane starring Denzel Washington. I went into the studio and started working on new music for and later the Chocolate Factory,I just said ,You know what? I'm not going nowhere no matter who I'm with. Whatever this gift is it lives within me. "  Aren't we all glad  he didn't quit the business .