Is there anything Prince can't do? The elusive singer and musical legend has a rap track on the way with Rita Ora. Before the song debuts, one lucky writer had the chance to hear the Purple One in all his hip-hop glory.

The effort was revealed during an interview with a reporter from the Star Tribune. The writer describes the sound as "as aggressive and menacing as the rapping." Due to Rita's high-profile, Prince wants to drop the cut soon. "As a celebrity with lots of endorsements, she makes money walking out of the house wearing a certain kind of makeup or sunglasses," Prince explains in the profile.

Rita spoke about the collaboration in an interview with Paper magazine this year. The songstress lauded Prince for his musicality. "It was the best thing I have ever done in my life... He plays like 50 instruments so you could do anything and he’ll fix it. He has an answer for everything... He’s a genius," Rita said.

In another sit-down with Flare magazine, the British songbird complimented Prince for his unwavering commitment to his art. “People like Prince don’t have to care about anything, but they care because they want music for the future to be great...It makes me feel like, Jesus f---ing Christ! They think I can do it! It makes me proud to have a voice.”

In other Prince news, the esteemed singer's classic album, 'Purple Rain,' turns 30 today.