When I arrived home from work yesterday, I walked into the kitchen and noticed something on the refrigerator I didn't see there yesterday. Like many families, the fridge is the defacto "Bulletin Board" in our house and I couldn't help but notice this huge "certificate" on the front from my son's elementary school congratulating him for moving on to the next grade.

Now passing to the next grade wasn't the problem as far as I know, but the kicker was, his school held a ceremony and my son choose not to tell us about it nor did he invite us. My wife was quite upset about this because in her eyes, this was another "precious childhood" moment that she missed out on. As for me, not so much.

A quick backstory, we have 3 sons. We have been to our fair share of "graduations" over the years just for our oldest son. Our oldest son is now about to be a junior in high school and after a decade of attending these events, I adopted the stance that these ceremonies are mostly pointless. I understand that it helps builds our kids self-esteem by giving them something to look forward to, but in my opinion it also gives them a reason to feel that there should be a "celebration" for everything they do when in real life, it doesn't work that way.

When I approached my son about this, he, for the most part, giggled and said "I'm just going to 6th grade, its not that big of a deal." And I couldn't agree more. What are your thoughts?