As the Chicago Bulls Prepare for game two of their series  against the Heat in Miami tonight,one of the biggest stories is when and if the team's best player Derrick Rose should try and play in the playoffs. Rose missed all of the regular season because of a torn ACL  and although he's been medically cleared for action  he has yet to take the court,but the criticism is louder then ever because many of the bulls players are playing through painful injuries as they continue their surprising playoff run.Teammate Joakim Noah says "Derrick's a brother and to see him go through this is tough,but at the end of the day it's really funny how people are quick to judge. If you tore your ACL and you have to be the starting point guard and have the expectations that that Derrick has,then maybe you can judge,but everybody who hasn't been in that situation before should really shut up because I feel like it's just unfair to him. We're fighting and everybody's going to just  s.....on somebody who's given so much to this organization, it's crazy to me." Rose has not said when and if he will return,but he has indicated he would like to come back and play, but only when he's sure his knee is sound and ready for action. The wait continues.