Let me say upfront I'm not a golfer and never have been although i do enjoy watching the sport. However i don't know of any other sport where a  person watching  on TV  is allowed to phone into officials of the sport and point out a rules violation. That's what happened to Tiger Woods this past  Friday at  the Masters,course officials didn't seem to notice that Tiger had made an illegal drop on the 15th hole after his shot had landed in the water,but someone watching on TV at home called in and  told Masters officials  that Tiger had made an illegal drop of his ball(it should have been two yards behind the original  drop) after reviewing the tape PGA officials handed out a two-stroke penalty, now although Tiger finished four strokes behind the  eventual winner Adam Scott, you can say the penalty made no difference in the outcome of the tournament,  I say one's mental approach  heading into Saturday's third round would have been different without the two-stroke penalty,furthermore the PGA has hundreds of officials at the biggest tournament of the year and if none of them  caught what seemed to be just an error in judgement then to have the number one ranked player hit with a penalty by a viewer just seems insane. Officials in other sports make mistakes all the time and it's just accepted as human error, why is golf different? What if you as a viewer could phone in and say LeBron James stepped out of bounds,even if the refs missed it, this is why i say the PGA needs to make a rules change right away and leave all penalties up to those in charge of the event. I would love to hear from those who play  the sport,please leave a comment if you agree or disagree with me.