Once again Sunday the elite of Hollywood will gather for the Oscars honoring  the best the movie industry has to offer,but once again when you look  at the number of  African-American actors and  actress nominated it's no wonder as a whole  that we don't watch the show like much of America does and with good reason,one of two  black films nominated is about  a slave   Django Unchained starring Jamie Foxx who by the way was not nominated for his role, I for one have not seen the movie nor do i plan too(slave movies are not my form of entertainment) Beasts Of The Southern  Wild is the other Black film  nominated for best picture,but once again the odds are slim that it will win it's category ,newcomer Quvenzhane Wallis is nominated for her role as actress in a leading role in the film,but once again she is not expected to win the Oscar. In the best actor category in a leading role Denzel  Washington is nominated for  Flight,but the odds are slim he will win his second Oscar  and for the major roles that's it for 2013.So as you can see there does seem to be a disparity in race among nominees,what's the answer for the Academy to do a better job? I don't know not being part of the industry,but one thing is for sure there needs to be change for African-American actors and actress to be more inclusive going foward.