All it takes is for somebody to say, "Girl, did you hear such and such and so and so?" You have to admit that it's hard to pass up a good piece of juicy gossip.  Really!  For some, it's like food for the soul.
Traditionally, women have been known to gossip, but nowadays, it seems that more men are taking on the sport, and doing it quite well.
In conversation with a group of folks (men and women) yesterday, the discussion turned to a "sorted" affair between two co-workers and took off from there.  The women made a comment here and there, but to my surprise, somebody turned on a faucet and some of the men had a real story to tell!  They even had the women covering their mouths in awe of what they were saying, and as it turned out, the men knew more about the subject and had more input than the women.  They talked about details, dates, who said what and when, etc. WOW!
That's when it hit me!  Some men are experts in the field of gossip, and could be a woman's best ally when it comes to getting the "juice."   Unlike women, men tend to be less emotional, more matter of fact, and often times more on point about details (at least that's what I heard), so the stories seem to carry more weight and be more believeable.  Since it has been uncommon for a man to gossip, when they do, the stories seem to be more creditable.  If you happen to "incidentally" hear some of the conversations that they have with their buds when they are in the "man cave," you may find out some things you didn't know about your neighbor, friend, or associate.
That brings me to the question..."Do men gossip more than women"?  We all know at least one that does.  I can't lie, I love to have conversations with men who can "tell it like it is."  Not so much to repeat, but I'm just amazed at how they can spin the story.

If you have a male friend who gossips, or know of a man who is a good "gossiper", please share.  We would love to hear from you.