Jason Collins made history yesterday by announcing he was gay, becoming the first athlete in any of the four major team sports to do so. So what happens next? The reaction has been mixed mostly positive with support coming from current NBA players like Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, as well as Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, former President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama.On the flip side Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace tweeted" with all the beautiful women around why is he messing with guys"  later he removed this tweet and apologized.Former NBA star Charles Barkley said last night on the TNT  halftime show that a person who disagrees with Collins being gay has a right to say so and in a country built on freedom of speech i suppose he's right, however this is 2013 and it's time to move on and away from bigotry. Jason  Collins was never a big star in the league, he just carved a career by playing hard and helping whatever team he was on win, and until yesterday no-one had an ill word to say about him, so why should it be any different now just because he is a gay man,he's already spent 12 years in NBA locker rooms with several teams.do you really expect him to start hitting on his teammates now? Now i have no idea if Jason's announcement will pave the way for others to come  out,that's a personal decision each person has to make and as far as fans go they are the ones i'm most concerned about, they often tend to say some of the most vile and  nasty things possible after one two many beers.In the end i commend Jason for taking  this step and whether if you agree with his lifestyle or not he deserves your respect and understanding,and I hope he winds up playing again next  season.