Have you ever been asked your opinion on these major polls?    In the Presidential race to the election, there have been several polls taken with results showing who's the favorite, who's in the lead, etc.  My question is, just WHO  are they asking?  I've never been polled, neither has anybody that I know, so I've decided to do my own poll and get answers from real people.  Please feel free to elaborate on your comments. 1.  Do you think President Obama or Governor Romney won the 2nd Presidential debate? Why? 2. Was Governor Romney aggressive, or did he come across like an anxious bully? 3.  Do you think the Town Hall style meeting addressed the issues of people of color? 4. What is your reaction to Governor Romney's comment about the little black binder for women? 5.  Did the President show any weakness or cause you any doubts about his ability to run the country for another 4-year term