Hard-working rapper Nitty Scott, MC is currently prepping the release of her new album, 'The Art of Chill.' To give fans a taste of what she's bringing to the game, the beautiful MC just released a smooth rap joint titled 'Feng Shui.'

Much like the ancient Chinese art form, the song, produced by Ski Beatz, is meditative and relaxing as Nitty Scott spits easy-going rhymes.

On the song, she raps about getting lifted with her friends.

"And we rollin’ while we smokin' / He said this s--- is gonna have you coastin’ / I started laughin / Is you jokin’? / Boy, y’all be toking you ain’t never see me chokin’ / Now we are dozin on the potion / And I done took Frank up out the ocean," she spits.

'Feng Shui' is the perfect song for this upcoming smoker’s holiday 4/20 and should help get you buzzed during your next smoking session.

In the meantime, Nitty Scott, MC’s album, 'The Art of Chill,' drops May 23 and boasts guest appearances from rappers Ab-Soul, Big Pooh and more.