YMCMB is on a roll. After YM leader Lil Wayne dropped his new single, 'Believe Me,' Nicki Minaj followed suit and released a freestyle track 'Yasss Bish.'

The song, which was produced by Soulja Boy, has the rapper-actress boasting about her queenly status in the rap game.

Over an 808 drumbeat, a sinister loop and church bells, Minaj drops punchlines and big news on the track.

"Bitches can’t beat me they ain’t got the skill / Eye of the tiger, they ain’t got the kill / Look up to Jada, I love her and Will / Bitches my sons, but they not in my will," raps Minaj.

She then adds, "Droppin' my single in two weeks / The Pink Print album a movie / Bitches be thinkin' they hot, but they be using that term too loosely."

Overall, Nicki Minaj sounds fierce and ready to defend her throne once again. “I am the queen bee ’cause I’m a machine,” she raps.

All hail the queen!

Listen to Nicki Minaj's Song 'Yass Bitch' Feat. Soulja Boy