We all know that Nicki Minaj is a fashionista when it comes to her own personal style, and she brought some of it to New York Fashion Week.

The Queen Barbz had to teach several models how to do the 'Anaconda' dance backstage at the Alexander Wang spring 2015 fashion show on Saturday (Sept. 6). Apparently, the ladies didn't know how to put their back into it.

Minaj taught models Aleah Morgan, Ewa Wladymiruk, Irina Kravchenko and Valery Kaufman how to do the sultry dance step from the 'Anaconda' video. Utilizing a chair the women were able to twerk, albeit, very awkwardly.

Overall, the videos were done in jest. These models are known for their catwalking skills not twerking on a pole.

Meanwhile, Minaj along with Jennifer Lopez, Usher, Jennifer Hudson and others will be performing at the 'Fashion Rocks' event, which will air live from New York on Sept. 9 at 10PM ET on CBS.