Suicide is one  act that no one seems to understand why and how a person gets to the point where they feel their life means nothing anymore and early Saturday morning an NFL linebacker with the Kansas City Chiefs who had a promising future ahead of him  shot and killed his girlfriend and the mother of their  3 month old daughter before turning a gun on himself and ending his life in front of his head coach Romeo  Crennel and General Manager  Scott Pioli. Kansas City Police are still conducting an investigation into the incident, but here is what we know so far ,Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins had  argued about normal couple stuff leading up to Saturday morning when Belcher  a starting linebacker for the Chiefs shot and killed  Kasandra at the home they shared in a quiet Kansas City neighborhood,Belcher then drove five miles to the Chiefs training compound where he thanked Crennel and Pioli for giving  him a chance with the team, when police arrived Belcher took his own life with a gunshot  leaving behind a 3 month old daughter Zoey without a mother or father. What could  have possibility drove  a 24 year old  with such a bright future to commit such an act? that is something we may never know,but one thing is for sure there needs to be more of a support system for all professional sports and their teams and it's  players to get the help they need beforehand  before something like this happens again.