Exciting times in the world of R&B! Tyrese has the number one album in the country, Janet Jackson is back to take over the world and Jill Scott's new album "Woman" is absolutely amazing! On that note, we're adding her new single "Back Together" plus new jams from Tamia and Monica!

While we're on the note of comebacks, Monica took time off to get her life back into focus and now she's ready to get it on with her new single "Just Right For Me" where she praises the new man in her life. (This version features Lil Wayne, but you won't hear him on the version we spin on-air!)

Tamia's also been away for awhile, but she returns with a sultry, slow and sexy jam showcasing her loyalty to her man called "Stuck With Me".

Last, but certainly not least, Jill Scott is going for global domination just ahead of her fall tour! She takes us to CHUURCH on her new single "Back Together" off her new album "Woman" which I got a chance to listen to over the weekend, and it is PHENOMENAL! Take a listen!