You know we spin Classic Old School and the best new R&B of today here on Kiss-FM and we will continue to stay true to that as we drop 2 new songs you can hear RIGHT now! First up, the return of Jaheim with his new single with a classic sound called "Back In My Arms".

R&B music is making a return to its classic roots and Jaheim follows that lead with this one. With a smooth sax and even smoother flow, this song is definitely a hit on the way up! Be on the look out for Jaheim's "Struggle Love" soon! Next up, a new one from an artist named Temi (pronounced "Tay-Me") with his single "Love It".

Really feeling this track which is on the rise through the world of R&B. Témi hit the scene in 2014 solo with his EP, "Intro II A New Beginning,". This new single is off his release, "Steller Evolution". Be on the look out for it!