For those of us you are old enough to remember Newspapers, then you probably remember the comic stripe "Blondie". The Dagwood character is where we get the name for towering sandwiches.

Personally, I've never been a big fan of the tower sandwich. My favorite is simply some ham & cheese loaf cold cuts on toast with Velveeta and ketchup. I could eat that everyday. Now, if I wanted to turn that into a Dagwood, I'd add another slice of bread, through on some tomatoes, more meat, more bread, more cheese, some frosted mini wheat cereal, more meat, more cheese, more ketchup. The more I write this, the more sick I'm getting. Nope. Not a Dagwood fan.

But I do love me a good sandwich. So, tonight, I'll pick up some meat and cheese and treat myself to my favorite sandwich in honor of National Sandwich Day.