Before fast food was everyday food, it was special treat food. One of the cool treats for me growing up was an A&W Root Beer Float.

Pulling up to the car hop, placing an order through the speaker, then waiting for a hot girl on roller skates to bring it out, all the time staying in the comfort of your own car. Truly a priceless memory. Then the girl attaching the tray to your window and your Dad passing back the food. And the pay-off...Your Root Beer Float, in a heavy glass mug mind you. Delicious!

Each year on August 6th, people celebrate the refreshing treat known as the Root Beer Float. If this idea is new to you, then please, grasp the idea and binge out. In case you don't know how to make one. Frighting to think about, but here is a quick tutorial, A&W style.

After you finish your special treat. Celebrate the other thing that is today. National Fresh Breath Day. Grab a couple of mints.