Growing up, there was one treat I could not stand. It was the Banana Split.

At least once a month during the summer in North Dakota, the family would wonder over to the Dairy Queen for treat. This was before the Blizzard was invented so the big thing to

Ice cream was surrounded by a banana. Why!!!

get was a Strawberry Sunday. To this day I still love strawberry's mixed with ice cream.

Of course the DQ was filled with pictures of delicious looking treats. There was one hanging right in front of a triple Sunday. I asked my Dad what that was, and he said a Banana Split. He asked if I wanted one. He was surprised when I said no. I mean, how could he not be. He was offering me a Triple Sunday. But what he was really offering me was one Sunday with strawberry, which was what I wanted. Then he was offering me a Sunday with pineapple, which I thought was gross. And a Sunday with chocolate syrup, which wasn't as good as the strawberry. But the kicker was, all this ice cream was surrounded by a banana. Why!!! To this day I don't get ice cream and banana's. Banana's and peanut butter, that I get, but ice cream? Nope, not gonna happen.