Four years ago today we lost an amazing singer, songwriter, dancer, businessman, and true performer.  With the black cloud that hung over his death, the trial and all the critical press, it is easy to forget some of the amazing music that the King of Pop created is his lifetime.  Here is my tribute to his legacy with my top five Michael Jackson songs of all time.

At #5 I am going to go with "You are not Alone".   Who can't love this song that was in the Free Willy Movie!

At #4 I am picking "Smooth Criminal".  Amazing song but also a great remake by Alien Ant Farm.

#3 is "Billie Jean".  Another great song and a great remake by Chris Cornell.

#2 is "Man in the Mirror".

#1 is "Black or White".  I can still remember the comedy scene on In Living Color where they made fun of this video.  It touched on racial prejudice before it was okay for people in Pop music to talk about.

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