We don't start riding slow until 2pm, but I gotta tell you the winning just doesn't stop!  I am getting more messaging and phone calls then ever before about our new contest.  Listeners get a chance to see the Comedian Sommore on April 6th  at the Killeen Civic Center.  The best part is they get to see her absolutely free and all you have to do is be caller number 5 at 877-511-KISS.  However, there's a problem...every time I answer the phone the caller blurts out, "Sommore!!!"  I hear it so often I'm startin to think its my name! Yes we got Somore Tickets, but at least ask how I'm doing, or request a song or something.  Make me feel like we got some other things going on! LOL!!!  Your next chance to win is coming up at 2pm and look to win on Facebook.