I still can't believe as I  write this final post, that i am finally retiring, after years and years of working morning radio  and getting up at 3 am to be at work by 5 in most cases and most recently here at Kiss-fm where i have worked the past seven years and the last five as program director that it all comes to an end today. Now I am not looking for a pity party, because this is a choice I made, the vast majority of people in this crazy business don't leave on their own terms,but God has blessed me and allowed me to walk away from a job that i truly loved over the years.  I remember my first  job in radio it was a one hour show and  I was late for work my first day,who knew some forty years later I would still be in radio,but today it all comes to an end. Looking back there are many people to thank including all of you who made this radio station what it is today,by simply listening  to the station, and sharing in all the fun contests and games that aired from time to time. I will remember each and everyone of you who I had the pleasure to meet,  here at the station, at a club, maybe at a comedy show or a concert or just in the streets.When I  arrived here in March of 2006, I never thought i would be here this long,I gave myself a year at the most and then I thought i would move back to Dallas where i had come from,but a funny thing happened I met some good people like you and decided I was tired of the rat race and living in a big city and after that I made the Killeen area my home,and although I am saying good-bye to you today on the air, you still may see me from time to time as this is my home now. In closing it's been fun and it will continue to be, you still have the queen of mid-days Monica Reid holding it down and my replacement C.C. Cruz is a great  guy who will continue the tradition of making Kiss-fm one of the best stations in this area,God bless you, stay strong and remember this is not a good bye it's  a see ya later,  take care of yourself and one love.