I wasn't feeling well this past weekend bad reaction to some medication I'm taking, so i got to spend more time at home then usual, which meant more time with by two buddies my cats  Marley and  Snowflake. Now my cats   couldn't be more different ,although they are both males. Marley is the oldest he just turned 12 in May, I got him when when i was working in  Dallas, funny story a lady i was dating wanted a kitten for her daughter,and it just so happens  a friend at work had two kittens left over, she suggested I take one for my girlfriend and keep the other for myself, up until this point I had never owned a  pet,anyway I let my lady pick the one  she wanted and that's how i would up with Marley, the girlfriend is long gone but Marley and I  are still the best of buds. As for Snowflake  one day i was coming home from work and this  black cat followed me all the way home, i sensed he was homeless but I already had Marley and wasn't  looking to bring another cat into the household plus I wasn't sure how Marley would react. Well as time went on every day i would  see  the same cat and he would follow me, so I started giving him some food from time to time   and after awhile I just decided to catch him and take him to the vet and that's how he became a member of the Jackson household. Now when i said they couldn,t be more different,I flashback to this weekend Marley is   a lap-cat he likes to get in my lap and  just lay there and this past weekend it was like he sensed I wasn't feeling well,normally he stays a few minutes and then goes about his business but he laid on my lap most of the weekend trying to make me feel better, now Snowflake is the friendlier of the two he's never met a human that he doesn't consider a friend,Marley on the other hand is more stand offish, by the way the Flake is six soon to be seven and while he is extremely friendly he's just not a lap cat it's just not his thing. Anyway i would just like to thank them both for getting me through a tough weekend and for any of you who have cats or dogs you know they are not just pets but truly family members.