April Fools day 2013 has come and gone and although I wasn't the victim or pull off any pranks this year, in the past i have had my share of good ones. Several years ago a good friend of mine Doug Banks bragged about how  no -one could ever pull a prank on him.Well when you challenge me it's on, so here is what happened with the help of some other co-workers we set out with a plan that I would be getting married and I wanted Doug to be my best man.

Since it was all a sham I told Doug I was getting married out of state  in a private ceremony but would have an open wedding reception, with the help of friends we went all out ordering wedding invitations, talking about it on the air, we worked together on the radio  in Chicago at the time, I rented my apartment building party  room for the reception and i even went as far as to buy a cheap wedding band. On the day of the  supposed wedding reception which was actually a surprise birthday party for Doug he showed up with a very expensive wedding gift for me that's when i knew we had gotten him good, it was such fun being in a room with everyone knowing this was a prank except Doug(that's him in the center of the pic) when it came time to thank everyone for coming to my wedding reception i turned the tables and said surprise Doug it's your birthday, if only you could have been there and seen the expression on his face it was priceless and what happened to the  the great wedding gift he kept the $500.00 check ( Damn LoL)