Tina Fey recently told us to shut up and get off Twitter, but that’s never gonna happen now -- because Mr. T is in da hizzouse.

And we pity the fool who isn't following him.

Yes, there are other Mr. T Twitter accounts, but now you can find the real deal using the aptly-named account @MrT. He describes himself as a “professional pitier of fools.” Which, if you spent any time at all in the '80s, sounds about right.

Then, Mr. T clearly begins to check out Twitter and see what’s been going on while he’s been shaving both sides of his head. He doesn’t seem pleased.

Just like us regular folk, Mr. T watches TV and has memory problems.

He knows he's not alone in his memory issues, so he helps us with the spelling of his very difficult name.

And reminds us of his awesomeness.

It’s obvious Mr. T is getting the hang of Twitter, but we aren’t sure he’s gotten the hang of making up proverbs.

But one thing is definitely true …

The best part of Mr. T’s new Twitter account is the new YouTube show that accompanies it. In ‘Ask Mr. T,’ our favorite bejeweled bodybuilder is “here to solve the world’s problems one person at a time.” In the first episode, he brilliantly helps some fool fix a copy machine. There really is a whole lotta wisdom under that mohawk.

“Don’t let no machine take you for a ride!” We are officially in love with Mr. T all over again.