By all accounts Charles Ramsey did the right thing when he helped  rescue the three young women and one child being held against their will at home in Cleveland earlier this week. Some have called him a hero and others are now saying it wasn't even him who kicked down the door to help free the women, I suppose we will find out the real story as time goes on,however comedians and even some famous  African- Americans have started making fun of Mr. Ramsey, everything from the way he talks, to his teeth and his hair. When this week began he was just another Black man living in a poor neighborhood in a major city in Ohio, today he is a viral Internet sensation and  brunt of all kind of   jokes. I myself find it racist, but i am not surprised one bit, just look at the plight of other  African- Americans in recent memory remember Antoine Dodson of "Hide your kids","Hide your wife" fame or Sweet Brown "Ain't nobody got time  for that", they along with Charles Ramsey all gave interviews that wound up making look ignorant and foolish for entertainment purposes, which again in this contex  to me is racist. In the eyes of many Ramsey, Dodson  and Brown  are made fun of because they are" poor and black. " Laughter directed at Sweet Brown  plays into the most basic stereotyping  of blacks as simple minded  ramblers  living in the ghetto" says Aisha Harris of Slate. The root of such jokes are " disrespectful at best" Amid the backdrop, the chipped teeth, the dirty white t-shirt and the shout out to  McDonald's it's like America is getting a kick watch watching black people perform. i'm just wondering today if Mr. Ramsey had it all over to do again might he have made a different decision and looked the other way when he heard a cry for help, from what i can tell of the man I think he would have done the same thing, what he did,but he doesn't deserved to be  made fun  of and talked about like some kind of buffoon.