Mike Epps has a new series tackling one of America's longest and most painful issues: racism. While there's always some truth in jest, this series actually examines why stereotypes are formed in the first place. WARNING: These videos contain strong Language.

"That's Racist" is an AOL Original Series where Epps goes across the country seeking answers to why Americans have these stereotypes and judgments about other races but in a way that's VERY funny. What I find great about this series is he also speaks to experts that can explain the reason most of these stereotypes are formed and you'll be surprised that there's actual historical data that backs some of these stereotypes up.

Let's start with one stereotype that's particularly touchy to African-Americans: "Do All Black People Like Fried Chicken?" . Now personally, I don't know ANY HUMAN that HATES fried chicken but there is some historical context to this. Check out the first episode.

There's MORE episodes with Jewish, Asians, Muslims and more! Check out the series on AOL or you can check out a complete playlist here.