Well  after two or three weeks of seeing team after team fall on my bracket, the final two teams left standing will decide the NCAA'S  men's title  tonight in Atlanta. Louisville is one of the few teams i got right on this years  bracket and to my credit i did have  them getting to the championship game and winning it all. However i'm not so sure now and for that reason i'm going to be pulling for Michigan to pull the upset, why you ask? for starters i just think  Michigan has more talent and when i say talent i mean guys who will  earn a living  at the next level in the NBA.  Trey Burke Michigan's quick point is expected to enter his name for the draft once the game is over , as is back court running mate Tim Hardaway Jr. Michigan also has two players aside from Hardaway Jr. whose dads played in the NBA,Hardaway Jr.'s dad is Tim who played with Miami  and Golden State and was known for  his killer -crossover, Glen Robinson III  a forward on Michigan is the son of Glen "Big Dog" Robinson a former number  one overall pick and a star with the Milwaukee Bucks and lastly  Jon Horfort the brother of Atlanta Hawks star Al and the son of dad Tito who played for several team  in the league is also  a player who has a shot to join the pros like his brother and dad and maybe the most important player tonight for the Wolverines is  6'10 freshmen Mitch McCray who gives Michigan a strong inside game they'll need to win tonight also has a shot at playing at the next level, now Louisville may have a couple of players who will someday play in the NBA, but not as many as Michigan and this may be just plain crazy logic, but i tend to go with teams that have the most future pros on it's roster when it comes to the championship game, having said that. Michigan 72 Louisville 68 . Enjoy the game!