Its the season of love and you can feel the love in the air (and in the stores). According to our sources, Valentines' Day is Sunday and I'm here to help you get in the mood by giving you a sure fire playlist to help you and your special someone get in the mood.

  • 1

    "Always & Forever" -Heatwave

    For starters, the classics will never die, and this track is timeless. In order to properly set the mood, get it started with this one from Heatwave about unchanging love.

  • 2

    "Always" -Atlantic Starr

    Alright, mood is established, let's build on that. Here's another classic that the 2 of you can sing together.

  • 3

    "For The Love Of You" - The Isley Brothers

    Now don't rush the process, by now as you're thinking "Let's Get It On" but nope, not yet. We're building here, let's groove with a familiar song that you and special someone can vibe to together. "For The Love Of You" is perfect.

  • 4

    "Computer Love" - Zapp & Roger

    While everyone else will be "down in the DM", you can take it back to the essence with a song that predicted the future of our relationships almost 30 years ago. Get out of that inbox and get in those sheets...

  • 6

    "I Belong To You" - Rome

    Let's start to slow it down. Lock it down by staring at special someone and tell them "I Belong To You" and ONLY you!

  • 5

    "Your Body's Callin" - R. Kelly

    If you haven't gotten any closer to "Mr. Nasty Time", then you need to keep the jams coming and this one will definitely help. While technically ANY song from R. Kelly's "12 Play" would help you, use this one to set it up...

  • 7

    "Shh" - Tevin Campbell

    "We got to break it down"...enough said....

  • 8

    "Secret Garden" - Quincy Jones

    It gets no sexier than this! The Maestro, El Debarge, James Ingram, and Al B. Sure can take your special someone where they need to be!

  • 9

    "Lose Control" - Silk

    Even though you and special someone may be on good terms, its always good policy to remember that YOU screw up from time to time, but "Lose Control" is one of the great "make-up sex" songs ever recorded. Trust me.

  • 10

    "All My Life" - K-Ci & JoJo

    Wrapping up this playlist is a song that is beautiful and an awesome way to re-affirm your love for each other. I hope you have a great Valentine's Day filled with love and happiness. Enjoy!