The big day is almost here! Whatever you have planned, make sure you keep it locked to KISS-FM for all your favorite love songs! Since its the season of "love" I found myself reminiscing to the days of making your own mixtape for your sweetheart. So, I found 5 jamz from back in the day you can drop the top or roll down the windows and roll with your baby with!

Let's start with a blast from the past that foretold the future. Before the internet was in every household, you had to LITERALLY LOOK at a person in order to start a connection. But Roger and Larry Troutman along with the legendary Shirley Murdock somehow knew what the future held in store for us all when they wrote "Computer Love" in 1986.

Without a doubt, one of the greatest duet love songs ever recorded. Atlantic Starr's "Always". There's really nothing more to say about this one, in the world of music, this is quite possibly the gold standard of love songs.

Next up, a hidden and smooth gem from Boyz II Men from the amazing "II" album. If you remember this album in the 90's (it sold over 12 million copies of course you do!), it included the CLASSICS "I'll Make Love To You", "On Bended Knee" and "Water Runs Dry" which all topped the charts. But this one was looked over and would have made an excellent single as well.

I could easily make a separate Top 5 just for Stevie Wonder and his tremendous catalog of songs. It was tough to pick just ONE but this is my choice. "Overjoyed", beautifully written, composed with just the sounds of chirping birds, water drops, and strings. Its pure romance!

Last but certainly not least, Jeffrey Osborne and L.T.D. served up this soulful and still oh so smooth jam simply titled "Love Ballad". Dedicated to all those lovers who have "much more than they could see".  Many have tried to cover this Number 1 smash from 1976 but you can't duplicate this goodness.

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