In honor of one of hip-hop's all-time greats birthday today, its only right that I share 5 songs from the great and multi-talented Tupac Shakur. These are my personal favorites so don't burn me at the stake and take this too personally....okay internet?

  • 1

    "Old School"

    I was introduced to 2Pac through his "Me Against The World" album which is an EXCELLENT album. From start to finish it details his life story and while many hold 2Pac in high regard as a "West Coast" legend, on "Old School" Pac pays homage to the birthplace of hip-hop in New York and his time growing up there.

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    I love this song for the laid back vibe. 2Pac was known for giving young rappers a chance to shine on his records but their verses had to at least be on par with his and Bad Azz comes through with a very thought-provoking verse.

  • 3

    "Hell Razor"

    "Mama raised a Hell Razor". This is 2Pac at his thugged out finest. You can nearly hear the spit hitting the microphone as he screams and pleads with God about the struggle of being young and black in America.

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    "Who Do You Believe In?"

    "Who Do You Believe In" is a smooth one but the subject matter isn't. No one will ever say that 2Pac was a great lyricist but subject matter like "belief" were subjects rarely covered by rappers of his time. This song message is simple, no matter who or what you believe in, the power is always inside of you.

  • 5

    "Thugz Mansion"

    With a seemingly endless catalog of music that for all we know, still hasn't been released, 2Pac made sure he covered all his bases. "Thugz Mansion" is an appropriate swan song to an amazing artist who changed not only hip hop but pop culture forever.