This is it, gentlemen: we're in the Dead Zone, that awful time of year in-between the end of the NBA playoffs and the start of the football season, when sports can no longer be a daily "distraction" (unless you're into baseball, but who is?). So I implore you: use that "free time" to focus on your significant others! Here's five of my favorite date night spots in Central Texas.

  • Applebee's (Locations all over Central Texas)

    Okay, so this isn't exactly the most "romantic" setting but for the cost conscious, its a great date night locale. After 9:00pm, their appetizers are half-priced, which means in most cases, you can have a nice light, late night dinner for under $20. Put your cell phones away, put the kids to bed, and talk to each other and enjoy each other's time together.

    Courtesy of Wikipedia
  • Kayaking At A Local Lake

    There's an abundance of lakes and rivers around Central Texas and this is one that will surely help you and your partner re-connect and emphasize "team work". Not to mention the relaxing nature of flowing up a stream and watching the sunset. My best advice is to check Groupon for deals to help offset the cost.

    Kayaking Down Lady Bird Lake In Austin. Photo by Melz
  • Top Golf Driving Range (Austin)

    Let's stay active and stay in Austin with Top Golf. This driving range is not only cool, but your girl will enjoy it because unlike regular golf, Top Golf is a driving range with targets that accumulate points. Not to mention the food and drinks are top notch and the atmosphere is amazing!

    Melz gets his swing on!
  • Summer Fun Water Park in Belton

    Water parks can be alot of fun for families but Summer Fun Water Park in Belton has special "Adult Nights" where you can partake in the slides and fun without the kids bugging you.

    Courtesy of Summer Fun Water Park
  • Dead Fish Grill in Belton

    Lake Belton will definitely be a summer hot spot, but Dead Fish Grill in Belton is the best place to take in the romantic sunsets and enjoy a great dinner with an even better view. They will feature live entertainment all summer as well!

    Courtesy of Dead Fish Grill