We had a FUN time today (Aug. 4th) at Fort Hood's "Hood Howdy"! Twice a year, Fort Hood hosts "Hood Howdy" as an opportunity for soldiers and their families who are new to the area, a chance to meet the people and businesses that can help them here at their new home. And we attend to make sure you get to know us as well! Now you know I don't know how to act in public, but it was a fantastic chance to see you and get to know YOU!

Make sure you join us for the next "Hood Howdy" in 2017 and if you need more information on when it will happen, contact Fort Hood MWR HERE!

Also, Tomorrow's "Free Lunch Friday" and I'm back out in the streets delivering Schlotzsky's delicious sandwiches! But you need the PASSWORD! Okay, this week's Free Lunch Friday PASSWORD IS: SNOW CONEEnter The Free Lunch Friday Password HERE for your chance to win Free Lunch for you and your co-workers!