I'm not a big "comic book, superhero" guy. The last time I got excited about a superhero film was 2013's "Man Of Steel" because out of all the comic book heroes "Superman" is my favorite. That's not to take away from the Marvel Universe, I enjoyed the first "Avengers" movie and I hoped the sequel wouldn't disappoint.

Let me start this review by saying, this is not a good "date movie". Within the first hour, my wife, who is clearly not into superheroes either, fell asleep. Next, I have to take umbrage with the length of the movie. Clocking in at 2 hours and 21 minutes, not counting previews and trailers, don't expect to see daylight again if you go see this during the evening hours. Now to the movie. If you aren't familiar with the characters don't expect to receive an update or explanation. In my opinion, the story line of this movie could've been executed in far less time than the nearly 140 minutes it takes to unravel the plot, but the action scenes and funny one-liners will definitely keep you interested.

Even after waking up from her mid-screening nap, my wife seemed to still know what was going on, which explains everything. And you can definitely take your kids to see this one, but be warned, like I stated earlier about the length, you can expect kids to get antsy and fussy when the film hits some of its slower parts. Otherwise, it was an "okay" film. It was better than its prequel, and you can expect a third film soon but if you choose to see this, take someone that LOVES superheroes and someone who can sit in one spot for a long period of time.