My take is as simple as this: I am not surprised. As an observer of the events of Ferguson, it saddens me that America, once again in the face of an issue that has long divided this nation, continues to bicker and argue about it instead of having an honest discussion and actually addressing it.

It also saddens me that there seems to be more concern over "property" than life by those who feel like Officer Wilson was justified in shooting Brown because of petty theft. I have a strong respect for and I am very thankful for police officers and the job they have to go through. I understand that they have to deal with the most irrational people in our society, but given that they (well, some) are properly trained in how to prevent situations from escalating into lethal means, its of major concern to many in African-American and Latino communities that officers will use deadly force as a FIRST means to ending a situation.

Now, I can go on and on about the long storied history of American police brutality against minorities to justify why so many people are in an uproar (especially in the past year ALONE: Eric Garner, Ezell Ford) but this piece is not written to sway you. Its meant merely to inform you and let you come to your own conclusion on how this was handled.

Be clear, you may or may not be an attorney, but you don't have to be in order to sit on a grand jury and look at and hear the evidence. Below, I have posted a link from the Associated Press containing all the documents released from the investigation including Darren Wilson's sworn testimony and medical report. YOU are now the grand jury. Afterwards, come back to our Facebook page and let us know if you think Wilson should stand trial.

I hope we learn, heal, and FIX the problems that plague us as a nation, but it starts with YOU!