When you spend a vast majority of your Sunday watching NFL RedZone you get to see just about everything that goes down in the league during gameday. When your favorite team isn't playing, its kind of relaxing to watch others either celebrate victory or drown in the tears of defeat. With my favorite team having played earlier in the week, I enjoyed a relaxing Sunday watching OTHER teams screw up and I showcase my favorites. OKAY, There was only ONE FAVORITE....

Did Indy just try to run "The Annexation Of Puerto Rico" Play? #LittleGiants

Posted by Jamien Gargameljermel Green on Sunday, October 18, 2015



    Hey, It Could Be worse, you could be this guy!

    Could this be the WORST play ever in NFL History? Some folks are saying so, but it could be worse. You could be like this guy after that historic Michigan/Michigan State loss this weekend in the college ranks.