The presidential election cycle is already underway as more contenders throw their hats into the ring to be next in line to step into The White House. Every election cycle, there's always a group of "lesser-known" candidates that are complete longshots because they lack funding and (in most cases) an agenda. But I think I've found a candidate everyone can get behind, say hello to Demoractic Presidential hopeful: Vermin Supreme.

WHO DOESN'T WANT A PRESIDENT THAT'S GOING TO GIVE YOU A FREE PONY??? That video was from the 2012 cycle where he promises every American a pony! Mr. Supreme is a performance artist who runs in local, state and national elections with a rather unusual platform of making "tooth brushing" mandatory for all Americans (not mad at that one) and has actually received close to 1000 votes in the New Hampshire Democratic primary in 2012. He's gearing up for another run in 2016, check it out in this video.

"A vote for Vermin Supreme is a vote thrown away!" BRILLIANT campaign slogan! Mr. Supreme maintains that all of this is "humor campaign" to combat all the lies told by the media and government. Either way, its hilarious!