A McKinney, Texas police officer has been placed on "administrative leave" after a video surfaces of the officer aggressively handcuffing and at one point pulling his weapon on a group of teens at a pool party that took place on June 5th according to BuzzFeed.

This is a fast moving and developing story as more information continues to emerge about the origins of the incident. According to various reports, the incident began as a group of teens were having an "end of school" pool party at an McKinney pool when police were called for a fight that broke out between adults and a few of the attendees.


When police arrived, teens are seen running away from the scene but one of the officers are seen aggressively taking down a teenage girl in a swimsuit. The officer then drew his weapon on a group of teens coming to the young girl's aid.

The McKinney Police Department has since held a press conference addressing the incident.

[via BuzzFeed]