Today was a great day for me at KISS FM.  One half of the group, "Mary Mary," came by and I was blown away.  Erica Campbell is an attractive woman on camera, but in person she is beautiful.  She also had a beautiful spirit, and we talked a good long time about the new direction in her life.  She is now a solo artist and she is embarking on a brave new journey.  The response was phenomenal and callers were very excited to know that she was here in Central Texas.  The 20 or so minutes I spent with her went way to fast and there was so much more I wanted to talk to her about.

However, no success without controversy.  She is primarily a gospel and religious performer, and because of her good looks she attracts the wrong kind of attention.  Many in the religious sector believes she too attractive in her photos and her choice of clothing reveals too much to be considered respectful.  Most disagree with these attacks and reduce these statements as just jealousy and envy.  Attire that is very conservative by any standard and yet seen as sexy and provocative.  Whatever, the argument she is a great talent and I was blessed to share a part of her day with her.