most of us will never be lucky enough to earn millions of dollars before we turn thirty,but for  professional football and basketball players that's the norm, however almost every month or two you  hear about a former or current player blowing through their fortune's. sad to say the latest is former Texas quarterback Vince young, six years after entering the NFL as the third player selected in the draft, Vince finds himself without a team and with very little  of the money he received from a contract that guaranteed him 26 does this happen and  where did his money all go in six short years? well to be honest vince was known as an out-of control spender who loved to visit gentlemen's clubs and make it rain and also a series of inexperienced advisers didn't help either, so now three teams later   and  no job in the NFL VINCE  is now living back in Houston trying to piece his life back together. sadly this is not the first or the last time this will happen