Okay, so your a music producer, and your also on a hit reality show.  Money is good and celebrity is even better, and what do you do with both.  If your Stevie J you drink non stop on the celebrity tip, and go even harder on the money.  He is known for his swagger, the jewelry and more than anything else the females.  However, all good things come to an end, because one of those females is his baby momma, and this baby momma wants money

TMZ reports that his two children that he shares with ex-girlfriend Carol Bennett haven't been paid child support since 2001. Of course Stevie J. responds with a statement to which he says he knew nothing about any child support.  He is known for having racks on racks on racks and stacks on stacks, but this time he racked up a child support bill of over one million dollars.  He was just recently picked up by police and placed under arrest in Georgia.  Known for being ultra cool, he is now behind the ultra cool and un fashionable bars of a jail cell.  Women....cant live with them and can't get out of paying them.