Each episode on this season of Love & Hip Hop has been ending with an explosive fight, and last week's was no different with a brawl between Miss Moe Money and Mariahlynn. While they've already been separated by security, Moe's loud antics are just enough to not only prevent Rah Ali from ever working with her but also makes Sexxy Lexxy consider the future of BBDO. Despite the argument, it looks like Cisco Rosado and Mariahlynn have really made a connection.

Unfortunately, things in Mariahlynn's family life aren't going so well. The up-and-coming rapper has to care for her mother, Tasha, and make sure she's not back on drugs again. But in this episode, she had to bail her mom out of the prison due to shoplifting. On top of that, Mariahlynn's mom reveals that she's pregnant. Obviously, this sets Mariahlynn off because she knows her mom can't provide.

Despite Mariahlynn's frustrations with her mother, she will always be there to support her. So when she had to go court, Mariahlynn was there by her side. Since Tasha is pregnant, the judge has decided to delay her sentencing for a year so she can give birth outside of prison. While Mariahlynn is relieved by this, she gets emotional about what could happen after her mom gives birth and doesn't want her mom to go to jail, especially if it's just to get Mariahlynn's money back.

While we previously reported that Mendeecees Harris will be serving eight years in prison, this week's episode shows us what happened prior to this sentencing as he joins Yandy Smith-Harris. While Yandy takes two of her kids to the park, Mendeecees joins them with some ice cream for the little ones. And since his meeting got rescheduled, Mendeecees promised to live each day to the fullest till he has to meet his maker. However, she knows that she'll need to get back into managing especially when Mendeecees is behind bars. So she sets up a meeting with Bianca Bonnie, aka Young B, but the young artist is an hour late. After giving her an hour lecture, Yandy tells her to go to Tara's etiquette class. And although she has no choice but agree, B convinces Cardi B to tag along.

Ever since Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly had that argument in the hallway of their building, Peter Gunz has been avoiding the two and trying "to figure things out." But Tara wanted to fixed that situation for him by breaking up with him and moving back to Queens.

Meanwhile, Amina is trying to figure out what to do next herself. So she reaches out to Whitney, Peter's older daughter, to talk about her situation with Peter and Tara. Is this awkward? Hardly. Whitney loves her dad but admits that he's got problems when it comes to women. After Whitney explains her point of view, Amina drops a bomb and admitted that she was pregnant again but that she also got an abortion. It's obvious in Amina's voice and face that this was not an easy decision. Despite how Amina feels, Whitney's support helps a lot as the two ladies hug at the end of the meeting.

Tara is back at her old apartment and is ready for Bianca Bonnie and Cardi B -- or is she? The two ladies arrive and explain why they are there. And the moment the session gets started you already see how much help they need. From the way they sit to Cardi's accent, Tara may be way over her head as you can see below.

After Moe's outburst with Mariahlynn at the BBDO single release party, Lexxy has been stressed about what is next for the group. So she goes to Treach of Naughty by Nature, who have mentored BBDO in the early days. After Lexxy reveals the issues the hip-hop group has had and how they all stem from Moe, Treach encourages her to have sit down and talk to her Moe and hash things out. "If she don't understand that, she's gonna destroy the whole brand," the rap veteran said.

Along with the advice, Treach pushes Lexxy to talk to Moe's dad, DB, about the situation. And although DB is Moe's dad, he agreed with with Lexxy and said that Moe does what she wants. As the two speak, Moe and her mom, Victoria, walk in on the conversation and finds out what's been happening. Lexxy explains why she's there and said that it needs to change. However Moe is hung up on the fact that Lexxy and her dad are talking about her with out her and behind her back. But before anything gets better, it all goes down the drain when Lexxy says that she's done. BBDO is officially over.

Will this breakup last? Tune in next week to find out.

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