When we last left Love & Hip Hop, we were in the middle of seeing Yorma Hernandez and Cardi B going at it at Mariahlynn's birthday party. And while the birthday girl is frustrated with what's going on, it's DJ Self, the center of the ladies' fight, and security guards that get involved. As the men pulled the ladies, who were holding tightly onto each other's hair, they both wanted to go back and beat each other up some more.

While Yorma was left crying and really mad at her boyfriend, Self, who only brought her to the part to make their relationship official, Cardi was so mad that she was pulled out of the fight that she even broke a car window. And when she met up with Mariahalynn to talk about the other night, Cardi was more empowered than heartbroken. She told Mariahlynn that Self has become her sidepiece and said, "Ever since I started using guys, I feel so powerful."

While she loves Cardi's confidence, Mariahlynn tells her that she needs to smooth things over with Self, at least, professionally. So she meets up with him in the studio. And even though they're not going to fool around any longer, she'll always have beef with Yorma.

Yorma was so upset with Self that she stopped speaking to him, which made him realize how much he does love his girl. And what better to profess your love than to do it in front of millions of people. So when one night during his show on Power 105.1, he explained what he did to his girlfriend and apologized for it. He said that Yorma was his girl and will always be his girl. And while he made his confession, she was in a car that was headed toward the station listening to what her bae had to say.

Mariahlynn has admitted that she's wanting more fun than something serious in her love life. And although she's enjoying her time with Rich Dollaz, he's not giving her what she needs when she wants it. So she meets with Cisco Rosado to talk shop but then it turns into a mutual flirtation. Cisco takes that as sign to invite her to dinner on his balcony. And while she didn't expect it and also revealed that she used to mess with Rich, Cisco still used his moves to steal some kisses by the moonlight.

Now it's sweet that these two are getting something going, but Cisco has also been dating Miss Moe Money for a while. Although Moe wanted to take things to the next level, Cisco wanted to go slow with the relationship. And it's obvious why. Cisco is part of the "Creep Squad" after all. So when he attends BBDO's single release party (Yes! Rah Ali agreed to help Moe and Sexxy Lexxy with that), he didn't expect the craziness that happened when Mariahlynn and Moe found out about each other.

While Moe admitted that she wanted to be friends with Mariahlynn after the cypher, she took it all back once she found out about Cisco and Mariahlynn's fun times. While Cisco stands there dumbfounded, the two ladies start brawling and one hell of a screaming match in the middle of the BBDO party, which grabs everyone's attentions including Rah and Lexxy, who look like they're officially done with Moe. The two are pulled apart by security (of course), and Moe swears that they are done.

Rich should be worried about Mariahlynn creeping around with Cisco, but he's got lots on his hands with his daughter, Ashley. While she's been good for the most part, she surprised her dad with a new accessory -- a belly piercing.

While he doesn't agree with it, he hoped that Miracle, his baby mama won't see it. Unfortunately, she did and immediately cancelled her mission trip, flew to New York and made her daughter move out of Rich's place.

When we thought we'd see more of Rich's happy family, sadly it came to an end. But the rest of the dramas going on in the Big Apple hasn't. What happened to Yandy and Mendeecees? Where's Papoose and Remy Ma? And what about Amina's pregnancy? It looks like you'll need to tune in next week to see what happens next.

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