After a break from the show last week, Love & Hip Hop premiered its 10th episode of the season. And the drama didn't lose a beat. In the last episode, we were left wondering whether or not the Creep Squad will break up. Before getting into this, let's go back to the root of the problem. Last season, Rich Dollaz and Cisco Rosado were caught up in a little love triangle with Diamond Strawberry. While Cisco was already broken up with Diamond, he felt betrayed that Rich hopped on his ex immediately after him. So when MariahLynn was playing with both of them, Cisco saw an opportunity to get back at Rich. Unfortunately, it backfired -- because Rich didn't really care about MariahLynn, and Cisco is still mad at his fellow Creep.

So now we're back with Rich, Cisco and Peter Gunz, who set out to resolve the problem. Fortunately, he does and gets the two men to talk out their issues, apologize and the Creep Squad is back on the prowl again.

While Peter was able to get his two best friends to make up, he has one big obstacle ahead when he meets up with his eldest daughter, Whitney. She quickly reveals that Amina Buddafly told her that she not only aborted her pregnancy, but Tara Wallace was also simultaneously pregnant and will be having her baby soon. While Peter is upset that Amina told his daughter ahead of him, he held back when Whitney started to break down and cry about why he keeps doing this to women. Whitney tells her dad that she knows that he probably won't stop sleeping with other women, but he needs to stop adding to his nine kids. She then tells him that he should probably get a vasectomy, which Peter takes as a low blow. While he probably won't go under the knife, Whitney gave him a lot to think about.

While BBOD broke up a few episodes ago and left Miss Moe Money and Sexxy Lexxy out to pursue solo careers, the fight between Moe and Bianca Bonnie made the BBDO member reconsider hitting the stage by herself. So she invited Lexxy over to discuss the possibility of bringing BBDO together, especially since there's talk that Def Jam records is interested in the group.

And where did they announce their reunion? None other than DJ Self's Gwinnin Fest XL.

While Moe and Lexxy were excited about getting back together and even impressed some of the judges, there were a few artists who were ready to knock them off their pedestal: MariahLynn and Bianca Bonnie, who was really prepping for the show with Yandy Smith and enlisted a fleet of backup dancers.

However, the competition moved off the stage and into the dressing room when MariahLynn called Moe a snitch for getting a restraining order on Bianca and started a fight with Moe. Security, Lexxy and Bianca all immediately got involved; however, it was MariahLynn who was blamed for starting it all. And while one of her hair extensions was found on the floor, BBOD walked out of the room, feeling victorious.

Before this fight happened, Rah Ali had one of her own when she saw someone she previously had beef with hanging out at Yandy's table at the show. While it looked like Rah was going to keep her cool, she surprised everyone by grabbing a bottle and trying to hit the other woman. She was immediately kicked out, leaving Yandy and Remy Ma confused. Remy, who was there to judge the hip-hop competition, was concerned about her friend. She followed Rah, very calm, and then talked to Yandy about the situation. Yandy had no idea what was happening but was mad that Rah even started it.

Since Remy has both Rah and Yandy helping out with her wedding, she's worried about how this will all pan out. But for now, she'll focus with Gwinnin Fest. Yandy may have been a little wet after the bottle was thrown at the club, but she's got bigger issues when she brings up new drama regarding herself and one of Medeecees' baby mamas, which we're sure will be addressed in a future episode.

If there was one person who wasn't at Gwinnin Fest that night, it was Cardi B. Since the beginning of the episode, she's been trying to convince everyone that she's a legit rapper. Aside from that problem, she's also running into issues with her incarcerated boyfriend, Tommy. But no matter what problems come Cardi's way, she's got her eyes on the prize -- a record deal.

Be sure to tune in to and find out what happens next.