'Love & Hip Hop' is known for featuring its fair share of arguments and fights -- remember the hand-to-the-face situation between Erica Mena and Cyn Santana a few weeks ago? Well, the physical confrontations go to another level this week.

While Yandy is glowing in pregnancy pride, things have not been going so smoothly in her household. While she and Mendeecees seem to hardly ever argue, last week proved that no family can avoid drama -- especially when it's baby mama drama. Her man is currently going through a bit of that with his son's mother, Samantha. She dropped a bomb by revealing going to court may be the answer for them to rectify their son's visitation issues. Yandy had to call in reinforcements and reached out to Mendeecees' mother.

At the end of that conversation, the moms of both Samantha and Mendeecees will be sitting down with their kids to talk about Lil Mendeecees' future. Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse really quickly. Moments after sitting down, Samantha makes a comment that riles up Mendeecees' mom, which causes her to throw a drink at Samantha. Of course, it hits her mom, too. This erupts into a potential beatdown between the moms, but thankfully the film crew is there to break them up.

Mendeecees, who's more worried about time spent with his son, steps up and talks to Samantha and her mom to smooth things out. And even though the issue remains unresolved, at least he shows everyone that he can be the bigger man in the situation.

Amina Buddafly is still reeling over the fact Peter Gunz and Tara Marshall went to Barbados with their sons. So after talking to her sister, she realizes that she needs to leave and go back to Germany to let her family meet the new baby. Amina seems to be fed up with everything. Maybe she'll just stay in Europe and leave Peter, who's trying to make his relationship with her better. Unfortunately, this blows up in his face and the two get into a fight in the car -- ending with Peter leaving the vehicle and Amina crying -- once again.

Diamond Strawberry and Cisco were absent from last week's episode, but now they're back. It's clear that Diamond has moved on -- with producer Roc. Unlike the stressed-out vibes we got from her move to New York and Cisco, it seems like things are going well with this new guy. He's really showing that he cares for her and wants to take their relationship to the next step.

But Diamond still wants to take things slowly. Cisco is obviously not aware of the relationship and finds out from Rich Dollaz. However, once he finds out, Diamond and Cisco get physical -- she grabs his face and pushes it back. And with that, they are done.

Rich Dollaz links up with up-and-coming artist (and his ex) Jhonni to work in the studio together. But in order to join forces again, they actually need to air out their issues. After meeting at Serafina, we find out that he screwed her over, which then pushed her to unleash hell on social media -- she revealed his phone number and random pictures.

Once she speaks her piece and tears up a little, they talk business. Rich then meets up with Precious Paris and Cyn for some mini golf. Cyn wants to do a suicide prevention charity event and Rich thinks she should link up with Chrissy. Can't wait to see how Erica will react to this. Meanwhile, Precious is baffled by how she's being ignored about her work, which causes her and Rich to get into an argument.

Even though the Erica-Cyn saga and the Chrissy-Chink drama didn't make this episode, there is still enough drama to go around.

Find out if any of these issues get resolved next week.

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