Last week's episode of 'Love & Hip Hop' ended with its usual bomb and cliffhanger. This time, it was the moment Cisco told Diamond Strawberry that he has a 6-month-old son who was born while they were dating. So this week, we finally get to see her reaction, which of course, isn't pretty. While Diamond is screaming her head off, Cisco says that he just wants to tell her the truth because that's what she wanted. At the end of that conversation, Diamond and Cisco are finished with their relationship.

Things get a bit more complicated when Diamond's mom comes to town and finds out the news. Aside from pushing Diamond into coming back to the West Coast, her mom wants to chat with Cisco about the situation. When the two sit down, Mrs. Strawberry lays down the law and tells Cisco to stay away from Diamond.

Meanwhile, the Amina-Peter-Tara love triangle continues with -- what else -- another lie. Peter Gunz tells Amina Buddafly, who's ready to give birth to their daughter, that he has to go to Trinidad on business. However, if you remember last week's episode, he actually has intentions to bring Tara and their sons to the Caribbean. And when Peter, Tara and the boys get to Barbados, they look like the happiest family. The two appear more like love birds than platonic co-parents. When Peter checks in on Amina, he admits that he's in love with the two women, but is clearly continuing to play them both.

After we see Peter on daddy duties with his sons, he decides to set things right with Tara. But when he sits down with her to talk, it all blows up in his face. He thinks she'll come back to him, however, she has other plans. Tara needs to move on because she deserves a man who treats her as No. 1 -- not a sidepiece. And when you think Peter will finally listen, he's a disappointment and doesn't own up to what he's done.

Erica Mena continues to show us she's the tough chick who no one can mess with. However, she enters this week's episode with a tearful breakdown during a conversation with her mother. She expresses herself about her son, King, and Cyn Santana. But as much as she tells her mom that she wants Cyn to be part of her life, mom reminds her that she isn't alone and that her family will always be around her.

With their relationship still on the rocks, Cyn sits down with her business consultant, Randa, only to find out that the clothing line Her -- the company she has with Erica -- is making between $10,000 and $30,000 a month. Neither Cyn nor Randa have been seeing these profits -- citing Erica as the problem. And when Cyn and Erica meet, any chance of discussing the business goes out the window and they start a screaming match about their relationship (again), but luckily they keep it to fighting words instead of hands.

Chrissy Monroe, the woman who claims to have been employed Erica as an escort back in the day, returns. She's around not to mess with her former employee but to talk with Rich Dollaz about her own relationship with Chink Santana. Rich keeps assuring her that Chink is a standup guy, and that there's nothing for her to worry about. However, she wants to make sure of it herself. Chrissy drops by Chink's studio to find him in the middle of a session with an artist, who's of course, a woman. Chrissy blows up. She and Chink start arguing, and all the young rapper is worried about is not using up the paid studio time for her demo.

And finally, Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris are continuing to sit on Cloud 9. They're expecting another baby. While he starts to worry about his case and whether or not he'll be with the baby when its born. But in true Yandy and Mendeecees fashion, the two look at the brighter side of things and believe that love will conquer all.

'Love and Hip Hop' is clearly heating up the way we thought it would. But what will happen next? Will Peter tell Amina about Barbados? Will Cisco try to get Diamond back? What street corner will Cyn and Erica fight on next? Tune in next week to find out.