After last week's dramatic end to Jhonni Blaze and Rich Dollaz's fling and business relationship -- the stripper-turned-singer was seen sobbing at the bar -- the season five finale shows her in a different light. Blaze sits at the piano in a studio to sing about her feelings for Rich and his player ways in a beautiful ballad.

And from one of Rich's "exes" to another, Diamond Strawberry meets up with her dad, Daryl Strawberry (aka the legendary Yankee right fielder), to catch up. However, when she starts to break it down for dad, he straight up tells her to find a man not a boy. But relationship issues aside, the two talk about what her next step is and how she can really find a life in New York without worrying about a guy.

On the road to moving forward, Diamond sits down with Cisco Rosado to talk about what she did wrong in their relationship. But by the end of the conversation, we not only find out that he wasn't really in love with her but that he was also living with his ex while they were together. Instead of blowing up again, she decides to calmly say they should be on good terms to become friends one day. Cisco agrees and gives her a hug. By the end of it, she goes one step forward and reunites with her daughter.

Now that Cisco is done with the whole Diamond drama, he wants to set things straight with his ex and baby mama, Tasha. Flying down to Atlanta, he finally meets with her and tells her he wants to be in a better place with her so they can at least co-parent. While they start off civil, the arguing starts and soon the room gets turned upside down. Things get thrown and producers have to separate them, leaving Cisco's situation with his kids all up in the air. But by the end of the episode, we see him having ice cream with his children.

Meanwhile, Peter Gunz wants to make things right with Amina and has made some moves to do so. But that doesn't mean he can't meet up and chat with Tara, right? Before anyone starts thinking they're going to get together again, Tara proves otherwise. She's there to talk shop and get him to produce some beats for a group she's working with as well as chat about his situation with Amina. Sure, she's uncomfortable, but she'll always be there for Peter and is set on focusing on herself.

But back to Peter, he meets up with his friend Hassan only to find out that Amina has hired Orrin to be her manager. Peter is clearly not pleased. He sits down with Amina to talk things out and get her back. However, the conversation quickly moves to Orrin, which ends as quickly as it starts. Peter tries to make things better by bringing out the ring he got her, but she still denies him. Despite this, he wants to make sure that he's a good father to his children.

If there's another relationship that's hanging on a by a thread, it's Chrissy Monroe and Chink Santana. Their discussion about the next step turns into a confrontation. Chrissy starts venting about how she wasted two years of her life on him, and as heartbroken as she is, she can't do it anymore. And another one bites the dust.

Another (professional) relationship that could be separating again is Precious Paris and Rich. While she's rehearsing a new track with Kid Capri, Rich stops by and Paris just sets him straight. They're done. And now Rich lost not one, but two artists.

And finally on to happier things. Erica Mena and Cyn Santana, who both don't have much air time on this season finale, update us on their goals. Cyn is ready to take on the world with her music while Erica is ready to marry the man she loves, Bow Wow. In the same way that season five of Love & Hip Hop started, it ends on a nicer note with Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris. She commits to her guy and legally changes her last name at her baby shower and also gives birth to their new baby girl. Nothing is sweeter than a happy family.

Stay tuned for the reunion show next week.

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