Although Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris were super sweet on each other at the beginning of season five, the most recent episodes, including this one, prove that they're relationship is on the rocks. The bad vibes continue when Yandy calls on her best friend, Kimbella, to vent about the fact that she and Mendeecees are hardly speaking to each other now. And although she'll always be there for her girl, Kimbella sets Yandy straight, telling her the couple is equally at fault and should apologize to one another, which completely throws off pregnant Yandy.

The flirting between Diamond Strawberry and Rich Dollaz heats up this episode. After he left a kiss on Diamond's neck last week, she's been getting the butterflies and meets with her friend, Marge (she also knows Rich) to tell her how she's feeling. However, Marge warns her about Rich's shady, player persona. Of course, Diamond doesn't listen.

She eventually texts Rich to meet up and she gives him an ultimatum to either get with her or just leave her alone. By the end of their meeting, the two end up in the women's bathroom of the restaurant. After their hookup, Rich invites Diamond to Rashidah Ali's party and starts broadcasting that she is Rich's girlfriend. She even tells Cyn Santana that she will mess up anyone who tries to get close to "her man."

Meanwhile, Tara Wallace is moving forward with her new artist etiquette training and image consulting firm. She meets with Rich to potentially get her first client, Jhonni Blaze. She then links with Jhonni, who explains her situation, and Tara is willing to help. But the one thing she didn't sign up for is seeing Jhonni start kissing Rich, which she knows could lead to a "sticky situation."

Rich walks into hot water with Diamond when he brings Jhonni to Tara's party. Rashidah and Chrissy Monroe call Rich out on what he's been doing with Diamond. They also meet Jhonni. But things quickly go south when Diamond walks in to see "her man" and another woman toasting at the bar. Jhonni lunges at her and gets Diamond kicked out of the club.

Peter Gunz may have been rejected by Amina Buddafly, but he decides to take that negative energy and make it positive by talking to the youth. He invites Mendeecees to the meeting to share his experiences and empower young men. Aside from the talk, Mendeecees also wants to see what's up with Peter to make sure he's okay. This is also a way for Mendeecees to get Peter in the loop on what he did to Yandy. Peter tells Mendeecees that he's in the wrong, too, and needs to apologize.

Mendeecees finally calls Yandy to talk. The two smooth things over, and the conversation is sealed with forgiving kisses. Taking one step forward, Yandy goes ahead and fires Remy, Mendeecees' assistant. But when Remy refuses to be terminated, Kimbella gets in her face and the former assistant leaves the office. Considering Mendeecees wasn't part of the firing, we wonder how he'll react.

While Peter is trying figure things out on his own, Amina calls Tara to arrange a play date for their kids, but this isn't just a typical time for the children to play. It's also a way for Amina to vent about Peter's surprise Germany visit. And while we all know Tara is fuming, she uses the energy to do research on etiquette for her own company. She even goes so far as to give Amina advice about standing her ground to not get back with Peter -- now that's something we really didn't expect.

However, Peter really does have other plans in mind. He gets Amina to work on music with him. But when she tells him that she needs space, Peter spins it like she's letting him go to freely hook up with other women. Amina has a meltdown and tells him to get out of the house.

Stay tuned for next week to see how each of these stories play out.

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